These are just a few examples of publically visible apps we have developed recently. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more.


Developing a series of 3 different apps for a startup based in Belgium, offering a reusable container logistical chain to food providers.

There is one app for backoffice data, metrics, user and inventory management, that is not available on any store.

The second app is for food providers to manage their container inventory.

The last app if for end consumers to identify with food providers and to find where they can return containers after they are done using them.

All of those apps can work on iOS, Android and the web, using Flutter as a technology and Firebase as a common backend.

Derbigum APPROOF References

Derbigum provides roofing solutions to construction companies and professionals. They wanted a way to keep track of how their products were used on the ground, and to build a database of references.

We started developing 2 separate native apps for Android and iOS, and recently migrating everything to Flutter to have only one codebase. Thanks to this, we will soon have a web version of the same application.


This native Android and iOS app uses Bluetooth tags stuck on construction tools to track them on construction sites. This makes a huge difference for construction companies in terms of inventory, maintenance and theft management.


An app I developed for BluesquareHub to help triage personel in Burundi orient patients quickly with limited resources in Burundi, based on limited healthcare resources.

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