Android Studio and the future of Java IDE’s

Yesterday, when they announced Android Studio during the keynote of Google I/O, my very first reaction was “Oh no! Too bad for Jetbrains! Even though they build awesome plugins for Android development, they will be taken over by Android Studio, beaten by their own platform!”. But then I saw this:

And I realized that even though they will probably have to sit on months of in-house development, so many Android developers will get used to the amazing productivity of the IntelliJ platform, realize how much Eclipse sucks as an IDE, and switch to IntelliJ IDEA as their primary Java IDE. Even more so as I expect other platform providers to switch now that Google has opened the way. Adobe? SpringSource? Are you listening?

But there is one question that still bothers me: mobile development very often requires backend development as well. So will Android Studio be available as a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA or will I have to keep 2 IntelliJ-based IDE’s opened at all times? Because if that’s the case, it will suck productivity-wise and I’ll have to upgrade my memory.

UPDATE: And… all my questions are now answered! Good job guys!


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