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Woohooo! Exciting times! It’s confirmed, I will be at Devoxx the whole week, and my Conference Guide iPhone application has just been approved. For your information, it only covers Devoxx 2009 for now, but it’s meant to be generic and I will add more information for other conferences soon: TEDxBrussels, JFokus, etc. The application is free for a limited period of time, so go ahead and install it!

More features for the iPhone application are coming, maybe not for Devoxx (the Apple review process makes things really slow), as well as other mobile clients. An Android client is already in the pipe, and if you are a Palm Pre or Symbian developer, feel free to contact me. I can give you access to the same public API I’m using for the iPhone version.

Finally, if you are a conference organizer and you want your event information to be available on mobile platforms without having to develop your own applications, feel free to contact me as well.

And by the way, if you are a company, and you are thinking about developing your own iPhone application, whether it is for marketing purposes, to sell content or to improve the productivity of your salesforce, I’m your guy. And I can do much more than just iPhone development ;o)

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2 responses to “Conference Guide Available”

  1. Hey Sebastien,

    Thanks for the effort and making this available for the Devoxx attendees!
    I did want to point out that the Devoxx schedule is missing some talks/rooms, not sure if you’re aware?



    • I didn’t know. It’s hard to follow every modification. But I’m currently working on improving the administration interface that allows me to manage all of that, and then it will be easier to check and fix it. I should be able to do that this week-end… I hope!

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