Flex, Spring and BlazeDS: the full stack! ERRATUM

OK, obviously there are 2 problems in my article on Adobe Developer Connection and I finally found the time to look into it:

First of all, there was a big error in one of the POMs in todolist3.zip. In todolist-web/pom.xml, if the first dependency looks like this:


Then replace it with this:


And it should work fine.

The second error is in the article itself: of course, all of the namespace declarations should be xmlns:mx=”http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml” instead of xmlns:mx=”/2006/mxml” .

I’ll try to reach ADC editor so that they can fix those mistakes. Thanks for the feedback.


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  1. First of all, many thanks to your posting. The whole stack can be a potential reference for new projects.

    After adding the fix I could successfully install the application using a few simple maven commands. Pretty amazing.

    The web-application needed mysql driver to start. Although it might be better use a shared jdbc-driver in production, I fixed it by adding the following dependency to the todolist-web project:


    Now I have to set up the database in mysql to have the application functioning as it supposed, but I guess that’s in the previous postings.

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